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Rock oysters with thai saladRock oysters with thai saladIt's over a year and many oysters since I first tried this combination in Sydney, and it hasn't been surpassed yet.

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Issue 164

by Sarah Nicholson | Cuisine issue #164 | Monday, 14 April, 2014
I love hearing about recipes that have stood the test of time: a family recipe passed down through generations, a recipe requested from a friend after a memorable dinner party, or a Cuisine recipe featured in a (very dog-eared) past issue – we hear about many of those.

These recipes might be made once a year for a special occasion or be midweek regulars; they may evoke memories of a person or a place, or they may just be truly delicious. Whatever the reason, they are dishes we never tire of.

Asking around some of the Cuisine team, Fiona’s dad’s pork and apple meatballs, Amy’s mum’s award-winning chilli from the US and Angela’s mother’s “plain cake” (dusted with cinnamon sugar and always served with coffee) all make regular appearances. Ray says his Italian friend’s fish in crazy water is his go-to fish recipe (he shares it this issue – see Quick Smart), while Ginny’s Christmas Day entree each year is still Ray’s confit salmon from issue 52 (September 1995!).

As with many cultures, family recipes are a cornerstone of Italian tradition. If we took a leaf out of the Italians’ book and relaxed with family over long, multi-course lunches more often, we undoubtedly would have more family recipes to share!

We hope you enjoy our annual Italian special and that this issue becomes one of those dog-eared favourites you may just find yourself opening in 10 years’ time.

Sarah Nicholson, Cuisine editor

PS Our fabulous new weeknight cookbook, Flash in the Pan, is on sale now. Subscribers will find a special discount offer on a flyer included with this issue.


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