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Issue 166

by Sarah Nicholson | Cuisine issue #166 | Monday, 18 August, 2014
The question of identifying New Zealand’s national dish often rears its head and our creative, delicious lamb story in this issue made me think about it again. Most New Zealanders love lamb, for sure. But in 2014, is roast lamb really our national dish? Many Australians think it’s their national dish, of course, as they do pavlova – which could also be ours (but let’s not start scrapping with our trans-Tasman friends about that one again). Maybe trifle? Hangi? Whittaker’s Peanut Slab? (OK, that isn’t a dish as such, but what’s more Kiwi than picking one up at the dairy?).

In Last Bite, Russell Brown writes nostalgically about our food of days gone by. As a young nation, it’s fascinating just how far we’ve come from the six o’clock swill and the once ubiquitous meat and three veg. Things evolve more rapidly every year. Speaking with our Cuisine food-writing team, I found we all recall introducing ingredients to home cooks, such as smoked paprika, chorizo, preserved lemons, fennel and harissa. Once the strict domain of specialty shops, ingredients such as these can now be found in kitchens the length of the country.

These “exotic” ingredients have seen our tastes become more sophisticated and adventurous and, along with the changing face of our population, that national dish of roast lamb may well hit the table marinated in pomegranate molasses or with a miso crust.

I hope this issue inspires you to try something new. Let us know how you go at Happy cooking.

Sarah Nicholson, Cuisine editor


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